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Vestige Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 or Co-Q10 is a vitamin-like substance present in large quantities in organs with highest energy requirements – such as Heart. It is necessary for the basic functioning of cells but its levels decline with age and in chronic heart conditions. Co-Q10 is the major contributor in the energy production in cells, protects the body from harmful free radicals, helps lower blood pressure, improves blood vessel function and blood flow, has anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic benefits and even helps in recovery after coronary artery bypass surgery. MRP:1700/- I 60 CAPSULES

Flax Oil Capsules

Flaxseeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids, containing Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), Linoleic Acid (LA), Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids with natural Vitamin E. They serve as potent antioxidants and as building blocks for the development of retinal and brain cells and help improve memory and concentration. Omega 3 & 6 in Flaxseed helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level, strengthens the cell membranes and detoxifies the body for overall well being. MRP:515/-Rs I 90 CAPSULES


Arginine is packed with 5 heart-health enhancing super ingredients that promote healthy functioning of the heart by restoring the production of nitric oxide – necessary for preventing cardiovascular diseases. It is specially formulated to help regulate blood cholesterol levels, strengthen immunity and reduce recovery time, as well as provide faster healing of wounds and ailments. Referred to as the 'Miracle Molecule', L-Arginine has anti-aging properties too, besides the ability to regulate blood pressure, enhance sexual functioning and manage diabetes. What's more, it is also helps relieve all kinds of chronic pains. MRP:1305/- I  15X10=150mg

Neem Capsules

Neem or Azadirachta Indica has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying properties. Neem is useful in treating and preventing skin disorders and keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Neem helps reduce blood sugar, which makes it especially useful for people suffering from diabetes MRP:330/- I 100 SOFGELS

Stevia Tablets

Rebaudioside in stevia is a 100% natural low-calorie sugar substitute. It is a healthier alternative to sugar as it is made from natural herbs and does not contain Aspartame. Rebaudioside is completely fat free thus perfect for diabetics and the weight conscious. It is the ideal natural sugar substitute (less than 2% calories of sugar per tablet) suitable for low calorie diets and weight watchers. MRP:120/- I 100 TABLATES

Glucosamine Tablets (Pack of 60)

Glucosamine is a natural compound and a normal constituent of glycosaminoglycans. It is found in healthy cartilage and synovial fluid. Glucosamine helps lubricate joints and supports healthy cartilage. It also helps in osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee. In certain cases it helps promote cartilage regeneration. MRP:550/- I 60 CAPSULES

Glucosamine Tablets (Pack of 100)

Glucosamine is a natural compound and a normal constituent of glycosaminoglycans. It is found in healthy cartilage and synovial fluid. Glucosamine helps lubricate joints and supports healthy cartilage. It also helps in osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee. In certain cases it helps promote cartilage regeneration. MRP:850/-  I  100 CAPSULES

Calcium Tablets

Calcium Carbonate helps in building and maintaining strong and healthy bones. It also makes our teeth strong, thus preventing dental problems. Calcium is required by our bodies to protect us against high blood pressure, heart attacks and premenstrual syndrome. Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin D3 can increase bone density and help reduce the chances of fracture in older women and men. Calcium Carbonate reduces the risk of osteoporosis and is particularly useful for children and women of all ages. MRP:200/- I 100 TABLATES

Noni Capsules

Noni or Morinda Citrifolia is a fruit found in Southeast Asia containing a mixture of anthraquinones, xeronine, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, nutritional enzymes and polysaccharides. Noni or Morinda Citrifolia helps in cell regeneration and it improves the overall immune system. An effective antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-carcinogenic properties. It is also helpful for patients suffering from high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma as well as respiratory and digestive problems. MRP:450/- I 90 CAPSULES

Spirulina Capsules

Spirulina is an ideal food supplement, since it is a rich natural source of protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and pro-vitamin A. It is one of the best natural source of anti-oxidants with natural anti-aging properties. Pro-vitamin A present in Spirulina helps protect eyesight and calms your nerves and helps you fight stress. Spirulina helps reduce cholesterol and benefits your heart. Spirulina provides your body with all the essential nutrients required daily, leaving you fresh, active and energetic throughout the day. MRP:300/- I 100 CAPSULES

Colostrum Capsules

Bovine Colostrum is a rich natural source of Immunoglobulins that helps in strengthening the immune system and increases protection against various diseases. Collected within the first 6 hours after a calf’s birth, Bovine Colostrum maintains nature's perfect balance of immunological and body regulating biologically active proteins. It is a complete formula of essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids & amino acids required for the optimal functioning of the body and maintaining overall health. MRP:450/- I 60 CAPSULES

Aloe Vera Capsules

Aloe Vera is a plant that has proven rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties, Aloe Vera contains more than 20 amino acids and vital minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium to meet your daily requirements. It also contains enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, nitrogen and other components, which truly make Aloe Vera a miracle product. Aloe Vera is cooling and soothing. It acts as a demulcent to the digestive system and is useful in cases of constipation, acidity, liver weakness and dyspepsia. It also helps treat skin disorders and is apt for all hair related problems. MRP:240/- I 60 CAPSULES

Ganoderma Capsules

Ganoderma Lucidum is a type of mushroom that contains effective antioxidants, which help in strengthening the immune system and detoxifying the body. It has stress-relieving properties that refresh the body and calm the nerves. With its natural anti-ageing benefits, Ganoderma Lucidum promotes stamina and endurance to fight fatigue and illnesses. It also helps in getting relief from pre & post menstrual syndrome. Beneficial in regulating blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it enhances the overall wellness of the human body as it is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients. MRP:700/- I 90 CAPSULES

Detox Foot Patches

Detox Foot Patches help you regain your health and vitality by helping eliminate toxins from your body through a natural process. Detox Foot Patches work on the principle of reflexology, which is based on the concept that areas on the foot correspond to other areas of the body, and that manipulating these improve health. They are 100% natural, safe, easy to use and provide rapid detoxification. MRP:1200/- I10 PATCHES

Protein Powder

Protein Powder is a low fat soy and milk protein food supplement that is ideal for the entire family and provides the body with all the essential amino acids. It is a soluble, easy to digest protein powder and is quickly absorbed into the body. It contains bioactive isoflavones which help regulate blood cholesterol and boost immunity. It is especially beneficial in sports nutrition, weight-management improving bone health and general wellness. MRP:650/- I 200gm

Slimming Capsules

Hoodia and Garcinia Cambogia are 100% natural ingredients that work towards suppressing appetite without compromising on nutritional values to provide ample nourishment to the body. These capsules enhance metabolism, convert fat to energy, and help burn more calories, while increasing energy levels and boosting immunity. MRP:1135/- I 90 CAPSULES

Slimming Patches

Slimming Patch is 100% natural and works in a completely safe and healthy way to reduce weight and manage it over time. Slimming patch is specially designed to melt the body`s fat deposits by activating the fat ions and converting them into energy. It can be applied to all body parts with excess fat (especially in curvatures like the arch of the foot, thighs, arms, abdomen and the waist) where it is able to absorb the fat ions more effectively. Use the slimming patch regularly to witness long lasting results. MRP:1200/- I 10 PATCHES

Vestige Dietary Fibre

Vestige Dietary Fibre is a low calorie yet high fibre product that adds to the daily requirements of fibre that helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

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